Hellboy-Full of Gore and Disappointments

Even after reading the reviews about Hellboy, I decided to go see the movie. Personally, I like to make my own opinions about movies. I fell in love with this character and story while watching Guillermo del Toro’s adaptation of the comics. Hellboy has the same complex life we all do – trying to choose right from wrong and finding ways to fit in and be accepted, all while fighting the evil of mythical creatures. This movie was none of that. The dialogue and character development were terrible, and this movie was full of disgusting visuals.
Dialogue/Character Development
For those who read comics, we know that sometimes there are cheesy lines. This whole movie felt like one bad cheesy line. The largest annoyance I had was the relationship and dialogue between Hellboy and Professor Broom. It was immature bickering, and Hellboy sounded like a teenager throwing a tantrum the whole time. There was no depth to any of there conversations discussing how Broom had originally went to kill the creature but changed his mind. Hellboy was upset but did not articulate anything to help us paint a picture about his emotions and the complexity of that story.
Daimio had a lot of lame lines as well. His character was trying too hard to be tough, but he came across as super emo. The “poor me, my life has been so tough, and no one understands me” and the “I’m just so tough and the only one who knows how to fight” portrayal was so exhausting to watch. It gave me no reason to care about his story.
Gory Visuals
I totally get that the director and writers wanted to go with a darker story line, but this movie was just so gross most of the time I had to look away. There wasn’t just killing and blood, which I can usually handle – for instance, the fighting and deaths in Game of Thrones doesn’t bother me – but this movie just was so nasty. People were being ripped apart, but the way it was done was for a very small audience. The whole time I was thinking of visuals I have seen form The Human Centipede – I haven’t event watched that movie, I’ve just seen a few pictures that make me want to vomit. It’s disappointing that they focused on that and didn’t keep it to a minimum.
In my opinion, they focused too much on the gore that actually making Hellboy look good. David Harbour’s make was terrible. First, the make up and prosthetics they used on his face made him look like a troll from Once Upon a Time, not a half human-half devil entity. His left hand arm was so much longer than the right. Yeah, it’s not a normal hand, but even in the comics, the length is not that disproportionally off. Many times, it looked like the whole thing was not attached well and was going to fall off.
This movie was totally made for a small niche, which disappointments me after seeing two great adaptations. I hope that they will change directions for the next movie if they even get a chance to make a sequel after this train wreck. I hope they bring in better directors and screen writers and keep Harbour because he is a great actor and a wise choice for this role.

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