Finding Your Geek Tribe Part 1

When I started writing this blog, the intention was to share awesome fandom product and talk about geeky things.  I wanted to connect with others who loved fashion and fandoms.  As I began writing and building Nerdy Vegas Chic, I realized I also wanted to find my place in this culture.

Growing up, it always felt like an outcast for things I liked.  The extent of geek culture was watching movies, tv shows, and a few comics.  I felt so alone.  Only a few boys at my school had similar interest; if I tried to talk about fandoms, I just got made fun of or shut down.  It hasn’t been until recently that I opened my social media, started adding people who had similar interest on their profiles that I felt connected.  It made me start to think, are there others like me that felt the same way?

One of the great things about being an adult is being in control of my life and making my own choices.  For example, when I was younger, I wanted purple hair.  I was always told no; I believed the lie that I can’t make it professionally if I dye my hair purple.  It wasn’t until I had the right people who encouraged me to be myself, and started realizing I can do what I want, that I took the plunge.  I still get grief over it from people, but my answer is always the same – I did it for me.  Here’s the thing I learned – people fear change or anything different because they can’t understand it.  That is their problem, not mine.  I can’t control how they act, but I can control my actions.  The people who understand me are the ones that I need to surround myself with, not those who I tried so long to get acceptance from.

I have applied the same attitude towards meeting new people and following my love of fandoms and fashion.  I have met awesome people who I can have long conversations with about things that I love.  Having brunch with my geeky ladies just talking about fandoms fills my spirit.  Being able to watch movies with my sister and discuss them has brought us closer together. Seeing my niece wear a Hulk shirt I got her fills my heart with so much love.

So where is my place in all of this?  It hit me when I read this quote from Natalie Diver of Bossbabe- “Be who you needed when you were younger”.  I need to be an encouragement to other nerdy girls like me, looking for a way to connect and geek out.  We all need support, and people who fuel our passions in life.  My goal is to offer advice, encouragement, fashion and fandom tips to anyone who needs it.

Next week I am going to dive into finding the right people  Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Finding Your Geek Tribe Part 1

  1. I love this! Great message to be who you are! Sometime people say “you’re always having fun” like it’s a bad thing. I get to design my life the way I want it.

    1. People love to be judgmental, and feel better about themselves. I’ve heard something like people its a reflection about their character. In the end, we have to live with our choices, not them.

  2. It’s funny how companies discriminate based on color of hair. For example at my employment I can’t have purple hair or anything “out of the ordinary” because it’s deemed “not professional” I would love to work for a company where I could have more freedom in how I express myself.

    1. Right? It’s frustrating when you feel one way, and cant express yourself. None of my vendors or peers respect me less because of it; they just know that’s who I am. It’s amazing how there’s a stigma about it. It’s totally a generational thing.

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