Fantabulous Harley Quinn Fashion 2020

Our Chaotic Queen of Gotham is taking over center stage on the big screen with some incredible friends, defining a new era of powerful ladies. Her fashion in the Suicide Squad movie became a phenomenon, and the new looks we’ve seen so far for Birds of Prey are even more fantabulous. Brands like Her Universe, Hot Topic, Spencers, and Black Milk Clothing are giving us some inspired pieces to channel our inner siren.

Fantabulous Cosplay from Her Universe

One thing that Her Universe does is offer pieces that can be used as cosplay, while also having pieces that are more casual and still representing the fandom. The BOP collection features pieces straight from the movie like Harley’s ribbon jacket, as well as a Huntress hoodie with a chain drawstring, and a ringer long sleeve inspired by the Gotham Flamethrower’s.

Hot Topic

Hot Topic always has awesome graphic tees; we are loving the basic tee with the Birds of Prey logo on it. It’s simple and classic for those who want something semi minimal. One of the pieces that stands out is the yellow velvet dress inspired by Canary. It’s fun, flirty, and can be worn for a casual cosplay or everyday wear. Hot Topic also has been adding some awesome shoes to the assortment lately, and the high tops for the BOP are super cute. We are loving the design inspired by Harley’s tattoo art.


Need some badass accessories to channel your inner Gotham Siren? Spencer’s has some cute bags and jewelry in which we feel Harley would approve. Mini backpacks are trending. Chunky layered jewelry is going to make a comeback as well thanks to our fashion eccentric Harley.


The BOP line from Torrid is fashionable and understated Harley Quinn. You can see the influence in each design and the high fashion. It’s perfect for those who want to be more fashion that cosplay. Our favorite pieces are the sweater with the confetti sleeves, diamond print skirt with suspenders, and sweater with red stars.


The colors in the Orly BOP collection are bright and fun. “Mind Over Mayhem” is a bright neon pink that is fun and flirty. “Freaking Fantabulous” is a pink and blue glitter mix. “Emancipate This” is a bright yellow.

NVC Shop

Our FANTABULOUS collection was inspired by Harley herself. Her mallet and bat are two iconic tools she uses to defeat her foes. Harley is fantabulous, and we wanted a keyword that would inspire and empower women. For the scared of me design, it’s a line that struck a chord. When you see the movie and hear it in the full context, you will feel so empowered. This is why it made it into our collection.

BlackMilk Clothing

Looking for some high fashion Harley pieces? BlackMilk Clothing‘s new line for DC Comics has the perfect pieces. Don’t sleep on this collection – pieces are going fast.

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