Casual Aquaman Inspired Outfits

Super late seeing Aquaman, but better late than never. It was fantastic! I especially loved the costumes used in this movie. Mera and Atlanna’s under water suits were gorgeous. Mera’s color dress during the Ring of Fire battle between Orm and Arthur was incredible. I loved the colors used, and how it lit up under water. Also, Atlanna’s crystal dress when she reappears at the end to stop her boys from fighting? WOW! It was stunning! The costume department did a fantastic job.

Aquaman has such an iconic costume. The Orange/yellow top and green bottoms is a great branding choice. When those who know Aquaman see those colors, we automatically think Aquaman. The great thing about it is, they are easy colors to pair to make an outfit. These colors are actually trending according to Patone’s NYFW Spring/2019.  We see Turmeric, Terrarium Moss, and Mango Mojito for a few colors.

For my first look, I found this great knit cardigan sweater at Walmart online. It’s over sized, which makes it super comfortable. The tank I got from Old Navy. This is such an easy way to do a casual Aquaman look.

This second look I went with a basic Aquaman screen tee, which I also found on Walmart online. I decided to go with more Orange, and the logo and match it with a green and blue pair of plaid pants that I have from Old Navy.

All of these colors are trending, and I’m sure you can find things sitting in your closet just like I did! Let me know below which look is you favorite, and what your favorite look from the movie was!

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