Antman and Wasp – All About Getting Second Chances

*Warning – Spoilers Ahead! *

Synopsis –

Scott Lang is on house arrest after civil war with the avengers.  He was able to cut a deal with the FBI, so he wouldn’t have to go back to prison. After a weird phenomenon due to his time in the quantum realm, he reaches out to Hank Pym and his daughter Hope in case it means anything about Janet Van Dyne, Hank’s wife that had been lost in the quantum realm years before.  This leads to him re-uniting with Hank and Hope as they work to enter the quantum realm.

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I feel like I laughed the entire time during this movie.  The comedic timing was perfect, and I loved the chemistry and banter
between the cast.  This movie was more than super heroes, it was about family and second chances.


What I really loved about this movie is how together Scott, his daughter, ex-wife, and her husband were.  If the first movie they just saw Scott as a loser who always made the wrong choices.  There was no trust or belief in him.  This movie, they were a family.  They supported Scott and were super encouraging of him.  They put Cassie first, and became close instead of fighting.  It shows so much love.


Something that also stuck out to me was how the convicts getting a second chance and having to start their own business because no one would hire them.  Just because someone makes a mistake does not mean they can’t come back from that mistake to learn, grow, and make a positive impact on the world.  There are always limits and some people who just don’t learn and refuse to change, but there are some good people who just get caught up in bad choices.  I loved how the movie really capitalized on that, and we see a small business grow because the “X-CON”.  That was probably my favorite part of the movie.  I love seeing people rise from their mistakes.  We are not our past, but what we choose to be after the mistakes.


I loved that we got to see a lot more of Hope and her capabilities as the Wasp. Evangeline Lily is such a bad ass; one of my favorite actresses in geek movies.  The major fight scene with her was awesome, but I wish they would have given her more fight scenes.  I’m hoping we see a lot more of her in action in Avengers 4 and I would absolutely love a stand-alone Wasp movie.


There are two end credit scenes.  I felt like Marvel gave us more questions than answers here.  It’s going to be a long rest of the year until we get Avengers 4 and Captain Marvel.

2 thoughts on “Antman and Wasp – All About Getting Second Chances

    1. Ya it’s not my favorite, but it was good. I think my favorite is Thor Ragnorok, Civil War, or Infinity War

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